Sunday, February 8, 2009


Coaches are always saying they expect 110% effort from their players. Obviously none of these coaches has ever taught math.

"They came to play” is another sports favorite. Like a team really needs to be reminded of their intentions. Otherwise how would they know what they were doing at the game wearing those numbered uniforms and seeing a stadium filled with drunk and screaming fans.

"Wait till next year.” What makes this expression so durable is that the team in question doesn't have to concern itself with the abysmal statistics of the current season.

But the sports platitude at the top of my bone-head list would have to be “playing one game at a time.” Is there really a choice here?

I understand the message coaches are making to their players – that they should concentrate on the present, and not worry about the games ahead of them.

Still, if only to make their jobs more interesting, I'm amazed the sports interviewers never call them on it.

"I find your one-game-at-a-time concept fascinating. But playing two games at a time would be more efficient. And, as an added bonus, give you a shorter season.”


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