Wednesday, March 11, 2009


It's not my intention to trash a classic American character, a comic strip beloved by millions, and a legend for years among followers of the funnies.

But if Daddy Warbucks is supposed to be one of the world's richest men, why won't he buy her a new outfit? Some snappy little number for Annie in puce, fuchsia, cerise, or some other modern shade that doesn't show up on the color spectrum.

What's the problem? Is the artist concerned about breaching some kind of fashion statement? Do they think we won't recognize her in new threads?

How many carrot-topped, 12-year-olds have a dog named Sandy that barks ARF ARF?

I say we spruce up the 83-year-old moppet. And while we're at it, let's get her to stop staying "leaping lizards" every time she gets excited. First of all, the lizard is a form of reptile so they're not big on leaping.

Maybe Annie could say "slithering snakes" when she gets charged up and needs to verbalize her tensions and retain the alliteration.

Then there's the eye thing. The poor orphan has no pupils, only vacant white circles. WHY? Did this famous and respected cartoonist think that nobody would notice? Or did he just forget to dot the eyes?

If Annie is being forced to watch out for gangsters, spies and saboteurs--at least give the kid some pupils.



Bernie Most said...

If you notice Mr. Thistle, Daddy Warbucks, Sandy and everyone else in that comic strip also have no pupils in their eyes. This used to freak me out when I was a kid, but no one else seemed to be bothered by this. Another thing Mr. Thistle. How was Popeye able to speak with that stupid pipe in his mouth all the time?

Anonymous said...

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