Tuesday, September 16, 2008


It's annoying to me that the world is saddled with both alligators and crocodiles.

Why would we need both? Did Noah screw up when loading the ark? "When I doth paired them up, I doth thought they were the same unsightly creature."

I'll bet even Darwin scratched his head over this one.

Crocodiles tend to live in rivers and lakes in Africa and Florida and are believed to go back 200 million years. The dinosaur became extinct 65 million years ago, suggesting that the crocodile is a hardy breed.

His lookalike creature, the gator, also goes back 200 million years. And for some strange reason, lives side-by-side with the crocodile in parts of Florida you should avoid if possible.

Maybe the crocs and the gators don't know they're different species. I wonder if they've ever mated and produced a crocogator or an allidile.

You would think that one butt-ugly prehistoric beast would be plenty. And what could a crocodile possibly bring to the party that couldn't be easily handled by an alligator?

Alligators give us alligator bags, alligator shoes, alligator wallets, alligator belts. While Crocodiles give us crocodile tears and Crocodile Dundee.




CC said...

Yes. But how about the mosquito?
There are over 3000 species of mosquitoes worldwide... More than 160 of these species are found in North America. How can that possibly be necessary? Are the birds so picky that they need to choose from 3000 entries on the mosquito menu? I can hear them now: "Now let's see... I think I'm having the Anopheles punctipennis today. I think the Orthopodomyia signifera I had yesterday was a tad too spicy".

CC said...

Thank you for your comment! Just to clear away any confusion regarding the word verification thingy: "fmmdovg" doesn't actually spell anything. It's an abbreviation for "feast my magnificent duck, oh very good", which is a fairly common sentence in Chinese menus that have been translated to English (as you know, I've written a post on this subject).

I hope I don't put you in a too good mood. If I do, you'll have to read my comments after writing your blog posts, 'cause we need you to be grumpy.