Thursday, December 4, 2008


Parents must be proud when a son or daughter is chosen to be a bobblehead doll.

To be listed among such luminaries as Elvis Presley, Donald Trump, John Gotti, Anna Nicole Smith, Mr. Potato Head, Homer Simpson, and a long list of athletes is not something to be taken lightly.

It wasn't so long ago that those who had achieved some level of recognition were written about, filmed, photographed, quoted, had their hands and feet imprinted in cement, or even had statues made in their honor.

Today your prominence is celebrated with a collectible bobblehead doll.

So unless your head gets oversized and connected to your body in such a way that tapping it lightly will cause it to wobble in an uncontrollable and amusing manner, you'll never have to wear dark glasses to avoid recognition.

If you're worried that you might never become famous, there are companies out there that will create a special bobble head for you, a loved one, or a favorite pet.



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