Monday, December 1, 2008


There's something very creepy going on in wheelchair advertising.

The advertisers are making it sound like it's not so bad, maybe even kind of fun, to be permanently confined to one place with a bad view. The ads tell you to reclaim your independence and start an exciting new life.

I guess it's good to be hopeful – glass half full and all that – but remember you're still being restricted to a seat and wheels on a regular basis.

It was only a few weeks ago that I began noticing this chilling trend with wheelchair names. They conveyed a surprisingly sunny outlook. Introducing the new Jazzy Electric, Cross Fire, Tilt and Quickie!

They had features such as anti-tip bars, drink holders, and the ability to drive backwards, sideways and diagonally.

Some of the more exuberant models allow for "wheelies" while the copy invites you to participate in sports such as basketball and competitive racing.

Today's upbeat wheelchair is not for everybody (a phrase highly recommended by the agency's lawyers). But if you have the can-do spirit, it might be just what you're looking for. Here's what they really meant but couldn't say.

The horrible freak accident that dumped you off the ski lift and onto the large jagged rock might be a blessing in disguise – thanks to (Wheelchair Name Goes Here).


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Anonymous said...

My thoughts exactly Mr. T...GREAT blog! I've always wondered about the names. They seem far too festive to me and they make the wheelchairs sound like too much fun...."They spin in an circle",,,,"speed down the street." "Easily negotiate store aisles and come with a handy shopping basket." Great! Just what this county needs...more motivation for those who are "less than lithe" or having trouble walking due to their excess girth to plop their chubby butts in a chair instead of exercising! There should be a screening process to get one..."Do you really need this or are you just too damn fat and lazy to try to walk?" Sorry, every time I see people who are grossly overweight tooling around in these chairs and loading their "handy shopping baskets" with junk food,,,,it makes me want to disconnect their battery pack! Grrrr.