Monday, May 19, 2008


Another bomb has been dropped. Sue Simmons, an NBC news anchor for the past 28 years, dropped it and blew the minds of millions of viewers when on-air she yelled at Chuck Scarborough – "What the fuck are you doing?"

Supposedly TV stations in New York have zero tolerance for flying vulgarities, and the gaffe could result in her dismissal.

What a hypocritical crock of shit! People in real life – and not just cabbies, construction workers, and sailors – toss the F word around constantly.

Expletive hurling on TV is certainly not limited to Sue. Let me drop a few names.

Diane Keaton used an expletive on "Good Morning America." (That should get their morning off to a good start.) Jane Fonda used an expletive in discussing the play, "The Vagina Monologues." (Frankly, I'm surprised she was allowed to say vagina.) Reporter Arthur Chi'en was fired by CBS after chucking an obscenity at a pair of hecklers while conducting a street interview. (I'm amazed that doesn't happen more often.)

So yeah, like shit, "F" bombs happen. But people shouldn't be losing their jobs over it. Hey, there's no problem digesting my evening meal when an "F" bomb is lobbed into my living room every blue moon or so.

But while watching nightly scenes of violence and devastation played over and over again on my Sony, I sometimes have to reach for my Tums.

You tell me which scenario is more obscene.



Torin said...

Great post! Frankly, I'm also surprised more "F bombs" haven't been dropped by more news anchors...especially after they've viewed a clip of Bush occasionally bastardizing the English language. Wouldn't you love to hear that? Back to you, (insert news anchor name here)..."What the f*** did he just say?" I love ya, Mister Thistle! Keep up the entertaining and thought-provoking grouses!

CreateEvity said...

Here's the video - for all people who are interested in seeing it.

Many people see news anchors as really proper and clean cut people...Remember how people freaked out when Anderson Cooper came out of the closet? but hey, news anchors are just like the rest of us - sometimes they drop an occasional F-bomb, and sometimes they run around the city dressed in flamboyant clothing going to gay bars.

Great stuff!

Kristy said...

Wait! News anchors aren't perfect?!!!
What the F@*$?!