Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Is it possible for a politician to give a speech or participate in a debate and not end it with a reference to God?

Would a plague of locusts be rained upon us? I can understand wanting God on your side. But should we be enlisting the Almighty to get votes? Seems blasphemous. Wouldn't God see through that and resent being used?

And those soliciting favors from God are not confined to crooked politicians. Sports figures are also trying to enlist help from above. A baseball player on the way to the plate crosses himself and thrusts a grateful arm to heaven if he gets a hit.

A boxer who's just beaten his opponent to a bloody pulp will often tell you that God was in his corner.

I think if an athlete continually seeks religious assistance and becomes famous in his chosen field that an asterisk should be placed next to his name in the record books.

*While Mathew Lukas never used steroids, he was always high on God.

I'm sure the Supreme Being has weightier matters on his or her mind than who wins a sporting event or the outcome of an election conducted by scheming bloodsuckers and moral cripples. I'm surprised that religion hasn't been exploited to increase voter turnout. For God's sake, vote! Or maybe something a bit more edgy. Vote, for Christ's sake!


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Howard P said...

Excellent point, Mr. T. There are some athletes (Pudge Rodriguez comes to mind) who actually cross themselves after each pitch. I would imagine God gets sick and tired of being invoked THAT many times.